DEXIN is a professional consulting company founded in Switzerland, having branch in Suzhou China. DEXIN is positioned to be a tie for China-EU strategic investment among technical enterprises. DEXIN provides one-stop service for our customers, including business strategy formulation, merger & acquisition and integration management, branch establishment in EU, implementation of joint venture enterprise, building sales channels in EU, cultural exchange, transitional management, and support of human resources, law and finance and taxation functions. DEXIN puts improving customers’competitiveness as our mission. 

DEXIN’s core competitiveness comes from long-standing industry cognition, international business view, management consulting foundation, professional team and extensive resources and contacts. DEXIN’s European senior managing partners are from global automated machine group and management consulting company, having CEO qualification for several decades. DEXIN’s professional team is from famous platforms at home and abroad. Compared with native-born Chinese consulting company and other international consulting company, DEXIN is out of the ordinary at the beginning: DEXIN is a global strategic partner for all enterprises more than a technical service provider.

Team of Senior Managing Partners

“DEXIN Group was founded to support companies from Asia and Europe to establish or optimize their footprint for business operations in Europe. 

Our Managing Partners combine their operational experience in European and Asian business cultures with knowhow of optimum organizational structures, business consulting services and successful M&A operations.

DEXIN Group are able to provide a personalized, flexible and agile service to clients and we therefore see the scope for our expertise covering SME’s and industrial groups. Our experiences and skills are focussed on technology, automation and machinery. Industry coverage includes fast moving consumer goods, automotive, e-mobility, medical devices and industrial services sectors”.

Olaf Witschass, Managing Partner

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