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M&A management

1、Management of M&A projects

Analysis on M&A strategy

Screening of “best matching” company

“First contact”

Bidding strategy and M&A hypothesis simulation

Due diligence

Transaction scheme design

Contract and negotiation support

2、Integration after M&A

As for most M&A cases, challenges to success are not often from M&A course, but the whole integration strategy and action after M&A. Based on decades of practical experience of multinational company operation and management consulting by DEXIN management partner team, we are able to deeply understand and analyze the problems, and use our core capabilities to help our customers in post-merger integrated management. This is also the characteristic and core advantage of DEXIN. Choosing DEXIN as a partner means that you will have multi-dimensional comprehensive solutions and supporters.

Transitional management

Re-position of market and product mix to improve profitability

Maximization of buyer’s interests

Optimization of technological process

Management re-optimization

Implement transparent and measurable company management

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